Monday, August 09, 2010

"Ghost Train, (The Studio B Sessions) - A review

Coming this month, is one of the most classic country recordings that I have heard in a while, Marty Stuart and his Fabulous Superlatives are just as good as a bluegrass band or country band. Recorded in historic RCA Studio B, The disc even has that info encoded. The title track "Ghost Train For-Oh -Ten" has that country train song vibe to it. Kenny Vaughn plays some great electric guitar riffs that are quick, focused and make you want to dance.

"Hard Working Man" (Marty Stuart) is a slow country ballad that talk about the plight of the hard working man. Excellent vocals and great old-timey pedal steel by Ralph Mooney. Good solo by Vaughan. BTW, the rest of the Superlatives are Harry Stinson on drums and Paul Martin on Bass. Four different pedal steel players are used, Ralph Mooney,Kayton Roberts,Gary Carter, and Robby Turner. There are some sparse strings in the background. Ralph Mooney plays a solo of his "Crazy Arms" on pedal steel after being asked by Marty. He really nails the song. "Porter Wagoners Grave" is a classic country talk song that Stuart does a very emotive job at performing, while the band plays quietly in the background. If Marty Stuart is not one of the fine voices of country today, no one is, this song never fails to touch me. The he goes into a melody after the talk part. This is a very touching song.

After this song the band goes into a little Bakersfield sound, 'Little Heartbreaker" , which has some great lyrics, raw guitar pickin', this is good, picture Dwight Yoacum with someone else singing and Vaughn goes into some more great guitar work, minced with pedal steel.

For an ending, they go acoustic and play a bluegrass jam with mandolin, mostly ripping off thru a melody. As the disc starts with a very country rocker "Branded" which has lots of electric guitar , some great country hooks, and more pedal steel. This band rocks, sounding a bit like Radney Foster. My favorite song is "Country Boy Rock and Roll" - Kenny Vaughan plays some of the hottest guitar playing that I ever heard, He plays right along with the melody of the song and goes plain nuts at end.(Whew) The cover is retro back and white of a train comin' a you. This is Marty at his best.

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