Monday, October 17, 2011

"In Overdrive" - Aaron Tippin - a review

 This CD by Aaron Tippin is a tribute The great Jerry Reed, guitarist,singer and actor. This great selection of well known trucking songs, performed by Tippin and his band of Nashville studio musicians is the right CD to put in your Car for a long ride. I like the retro Reed sound and great guitar picking by Brent Mason and Pat Buchanon.

   The CD starts out with Reed's "Eastbound and Down" from Smoky and the Bandit. This is really flat out nailed,as Tippin does some great Jerry Reed style singing. This band keeps it country, in the Reed Time period. If this doesn't get your toes tappin, I don't know what will. Great selection of songs on well produced CD.

   Some other songs I recommend are "Drill Here, Drill Now" which has a CDB type sound and a message to it. "Drivin' Fool" is a country rocker ballad with good lyrics and even better pedal steel by Mike Johnson. Finally, for a laugh, well, maybe not, if you are this truck driver, "Chicken Truck". 
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