Saturday, August 17, 2013

"Make Each Moment Last" - Ryan Broshear - single review

Ryan Broshear is someone that I have never heard of. I received a CD single, I guess of his first CD, or second, I don't know. He has a pretty good voice and I do like the lyrics to this, I'm not sure who wrote the song but it contains some lyrics anyone can relate to. Very good recording, maybe a bit sparse if you are aiming for a radio hit. The only thing that makes it country is the excellent pedal steel player. But at least you have something to distinguish it as country. I think I would rather have it like this, than over produced like so many

top forty country songs today. I like one line about lightning bugs in a mason jar. That brings back some childhood memories from when I was growing up in different parts of Tennessee. That's what you want to accomplish, something to hook the listener into the song. No backup vocals, I think that would make the song nicer. No chickenpickin, but some nice organ spots. Broshear shows real good control of his vocals. Looks like you can download some stuff for free on his site or check out his neat store which has his full CD.

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