Sunday, March 11, 2007

"Where I Am" - Tammy Cochran - a Review

This is Tammy Cochran's third CD and I'll say that it is her best. Produced by Mark Thompson and Anita Cochran, it is sonically what hi-resolution music is all about, great tones, no distortion, but most of all, twelve great tracks.

Each song has her print on it. She always wanted to have a part in the writing. I loved Cochran's "Life Happened" , what a song, very good CD too. Cochran is still a blond bombshell and has a country voice that is still more country than most. She really puts herself into these songs. Too bad that major labels were not interested, her songs are too real and I guess too different from their format. I had been waiting for a followup for a long time and this is well worth the wait. In her recent interview with DJ and CSO webmaster Jim Weaver, she is real excited about this project. The interview is still on the site.

Mike Johnson gives you that old pedal steel that weeps subtlety with Pete Finney helping out. Drummer Steve Turner is great. Lots of nice acoustic guitar, mandolin, banjo, violin(fiddle). What really impresses me is the electric guitar playing of Anita Cochran and Mark Thompson who also plays some great lap steel. These guys have unique playing that is different than your average Nashville sessions player. They get interesting tones and fire off some great melodic lines, not the same old rock stuff you are hearing on commercial country music today.

This CD has soul, Cochran's soul. She's the first artist on Straybranch records, where the disc is for sale, also from her website and CD baby, you won't find it in a store unfortunately, but it is very worth the buy.

This is stuff you can relate to, cerebral stuff, not beer drinking and cowboy songs. When I listen to this, Rosanne Cash, Joan Osborne comes to mind. Cochran has gone out in her own style with great lyrics, great hooks and great melodies.

Cochran really has a confident feel about her and the band rocks out, tight bass and just some beautiful cohesive music that is missing from most of today's country music. Patty Loveless's last album "Dreamin' My Dreams" does come to mind, a disc mostly ignored by the country community.

"As Soon As I'm Over You" is a bouncy, jazzy, bluesy piece that really takes off well with some great guitar work.

"Long Way Down" is a country rocker that rocks, incredible electric guitar playing, reminiscent of The Marshall Tucker Band.

"Nobody's Home" is a slow ballad about a big house that is nobody's home, a really moving song. "This beautiful house I own is nobody's home".

"Where I Am" - The title track of the disc is a beauty of a country gospel song about her battles. "I've had to go through the worst to get to the best I've ever been."

Well, think you get my drift. This is good real country music that has an eclectic appeal.
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