Tuesday, August 30, 2011

"V" -Kenny Vaughn - A Review

I heard this CD for the first time last night, this is a heads up, great CD, one of those that really caught me saying, like , this is great, Kenny has done so much under the radar, known as guitarist for Marty Stuart's Fabulous Superlatives, He is a rare guitarist who is truly as good on acoustic as he is on electric, like Brent Mason and Bryan Sutton in one. TONE,TONe,TOne,Tone,tone. From "Country Music got a hold on me" to "Don't Leave Home Without Jesus", Kenny sparkles with the Superlatives as his backup band and Marty Stuart as his other guitarist.

Kenny has done lots of stuff in his musical career, even a dip in punk music. I first heard Him in a Mindy Smith CD from 04 called "One Moment More". He has done lots of studio work. He spent some time in Lucinda Williams band. He took lessons from Bill Frisell, and went on from there. This record has a lot of flavor of swing in it and even a touch of surf style sound. His guitar playing is sensational in his own way. You really get to hear what he can do, when he is let free. "Wagon Ride" is a mid tempo instrumental that shows Kenny playing at his best, yet doing things in his own style, lots of reverb, real country rock. The lyrics to "The Things I Do" are down to earth and the song sort of shows his style of music. Him and Marty Stuart play very well together. Not many guests on this CD, just the Superlatives and Chris Scruggs, Oak Ridge Boys, Charles Treadway and Jeffrey Clemens.

The last song on the disc, "Don't Leave Home Without Jesus" is a sincere tune about Christ. The overall sound quality is top notch, produced by Gary Paczosa, an icon of Nashville producers. The guy knows how to make an artist sound good. I mean, if you want to hear one of today's best in his own element, This is a CD to get.

Monday, August 29, 2011

My Review of IRT Deadliest Roads Season 1 DVD SET

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IRT: DEADLIEST ROADS sends today''s toughest drivers to navigate the world''s most dangerous roads as they haul their way through India''s Himalayan highways, some of the most historic and lethal on the planet. From the crowded streets of Delhi, to treacherously steep, narro...

Real Dangerous Roads

By guit30 from Abington,Pa on 8/29/2011


5out of 5

Pros: Engaging Characters, Informative, Entertaining, Great Cinematography

Best Uses: Worth more than one view

Describe Yourself: Casual Viewer

Excellent camera work, not one camera worker seen, in newer shows, they are getting sloppy with their camera folk. Beautiful vistas.


Monday, August 22, 2011

"Little Bird" - Kasey Chambers - a review

Kasey Chambers sounds a bit more mainstream on the production of her new CD, well, it has been out for awhile in Australia. Now, Sugar Hill Records is releasing it here in the states. The title track "Little Bird" is a real catchy song, bouncy melody with real melodic feel. She still has that bit of nasally sound to her vocals, but her voice sounds stronger than ever.

"Somewhere" is a very beautiful love ballad. It is done very well, Sort of a sparse delivery, but very delightful. Some nice guitar fades,too. The lyrics are thought provoking.

Bottom Line, This is a good CD, that has proven itself, it seems to try to please both alt/country and mainstream country fans by it's variety of material. I love the textures the sound quality produces, American version mastered by a top notch engineer who usually doesn't master a lot of country, but this works well.



Wednesday, August 17, 2011

"To Terrapin" - Grateful Dead- HDCD

On May 28,1977, the Grateful Deadtook the stage and put out possibly the best sounding and tightest show that the band has ever done.This was not a multi-track recording. 1977 and 1972 were my 2 favorite years of Dead Music. "To Terrapin" was released in '09 as was their June 77,box set from Winterland which covered 3 full shows, June 7,8 and 9. I also have 2 great Dick's Picks from 77, DP 10 "Winterland,Dec 29" and DP 15 "Live From Englishtown ,NJ, an outdoors festival with the MTB. (I was at that one).

"To Terrapin", was done way after last Dick's Pick, #36(I was at that one too, Philly, 72) the untimely death of Dick, led to other outlets from the vault ,like Road Trips and special shows ,like "To Terrapin". This concert was a bargain ,selling for around 15 bucks for 3 Discs in a Cardboard sleeve. The artwork, along with the music is beautiful. This is a Betty Cantor recording, like Dick would used for a Dick's Pick, but technology had picked up and also Rhino Records were in charge of Dead releases, so the sound quality was shining, it was mastered by Jeffrey Norman.

Garcia is playing his Travis Bean guitar on this show, which had a different timbre than the Wolfe,his custom guitar, built by Irwin Guitars. I really loved the tones he got out of this instrument which had an aluminum frame. There is a very well done "Estimated Prophet" on Disc 3, which is off of their newest CD , "Terrapin Station". A very good "Playing in The Band", with some unusual jamming for this version. Keith Godchaux plays great on this disc. On the first CD, there are very good versions of "Jack Straw" and "Row Jimmy", overall, a very good setlist. This summer, I have been taking a bit of a break from bluegrass, and there haven't been any stellar releases that I have heard, except Ricky Skaggs latest, recently. I have been delving into the vault of Grateful Dead music, something only a Deadhead would understand. See you next time.

http://www.dead.net/  -Coming soon, Europe 72 Box Set

Monday, August 15, 2011

"Wrapped Up Good" - The McClymonts - A Review

This Three Lady Country group from Australia has put out a very good and hot country CD reminiscent of the Dixie Chicks back in the "Wide Open Spaces" era. They released the CD in Australia in last year with very good results. They released the first four songs on the CD as singles and each was a single #1 on the Aussie Country Charts. I really love their sound. They write most all of the songs and Nathan Chapman and Adam Anders produce different songs on the CD. This is their second CD.

They start out rockin with "Kick It Up", a country, dance number. Lots of nice hooks and they sing well together. It looks like they play some of their own instruments when performing. I found a YouTube for this song, and each gal was playing an instrument, bass, guitar and mandolin. "Wrapped Up Good" is another well done upbeat country song, with some great guitar work. These gals can really sing well together, the 3 part harmonies are something to behold.

"He Used To Love Me" is a masterpiece of a ballad , It has a great emotional melody. This CD is very well produced, by Adam Anders and Nathan Chapman. Both of these guys are great. "Boy Who Cried Love" is another upbeat country song. These gals are great songwriters too. Overall, these girls are a step above what you hear on country radio, not everything, but their music is every bit as good or better than what is on country radio. They have a debut at the Grand Ole Opry. This should give them well deserved exposure. Last fall, they opened for country "bad boy" Jason Aldean, that must have been a great show.

"Take It Back" is a mid tempo song sang by Samantha, Brooke sings most of The leads. Samantha has a different timbre to her voice, a bit more melodic, where Brooke tends to rock out more. "Rock The Boat" -Talk about rocking out, Brook rocks out on this song, which has a great guitar solo. You know, there is just not a bad song on this CD. This is real talent. I would be surprised if they don't get picked up by a major label, or at least get a major distribution deal.


Friday, August 12, 2011




Nashville, TN (August 12, 2011) – The Judds, one of the most successful Country music duos of all time, have been named #15 of Billboard Magazine’s Top 25 Country Artists from 1985-2011. Earlier this summer, Billboard ranked the top 25 country artists of the last twenty-five years, combing their Country Songs and Country Album charts since 1985.

Kentucky natives, The Judds became country music’s sole successful mother-daughter duo and practically owned the country charts during the ‘80s. Naomi and Wynonna shot to stardom with a cover of Elvis Presley’s “Had a Dream (For the Heart)” in 1983, followed by heartfelt ballads such as “Mama He’s Crazy” and “Grandpa (Tell Me ‘Bout the Good Old Days).” After launching their career with Curb/RCA Records, The Judds sold 20 million albums in just six short years. All but two of The Judds’ 16 radio singles between 1984-1989 topped Billboard’s Country Songs chart. By 1989, The Judds were one of the top-grossing and most popular touring acts in America, earning more than 60 industry awards, including multiple CMA, ACM and GRAMMY awards.

Sadly, at the height of their career, Naomi Judd announced her impending retirement at the end of 1991 due to health complications. Their subsequent tour sold more concert tickets than any artist that year except for The Grateful Dead and The Rolling Stones. The pair reunited on Dec. 31, 1999, for a New Year’s Eve show, prompting a successful reunion tour, multi-media partnership and CBS Special in 2000 sponsored by Kmart. Then, ten years later, after a performance at the 2009 CMA Music Festival, and with encouragement from their fans, the duo decided to tour another time for their 2010 tour, The Judds: The Last Encore. During this significant time, they invited the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) to document their journey.. In April 2011, their six-episode docu-series, “The Judds,” debuted with the highest rated premiere outside of OWN’s launch week. Viewers tuned in every Sunday night to watch the moving exploration of Wynonna and Naomi’s mother-daughter bond weaved throughout the backdrop of this momentous concert tour.

How This Chart Was Created

The Top Country Artists 1985-2011 ranking is based on actual performance on the weekly Country Songs and Country Albums charts dated Jan. 5, 1985 – June 4, 2011. Artists are ranked based on an inverse point system, with weeks at No. 1 earning the greatest value and weeks at the lower end of the chart earning the least.

Prior to the Country Songs chart’s implementation in January 1990 of monitored radio airplay by Nielsen BDS and the Country Albums list’s incorporation of point-of-purchase sales date from Nielsen SoundScan in May 1991, titles on those lists had shorter reigns at No. 1 and shorter chart lives. To ensure equitable representation from all 25-plus years, earlier time frames were each weighted to account for the difference between turnover rates from those years and the turnover rates that have occurred since the advent of Nielsen music data. (Used by permission)

Media Contact:

Kirt Webster

615-777-6995 x230


Monday, August 08, 2011

Europe 72 -Part 2 - Grateful Dead


I'm sure that you have heard of the huge project Jeffrey Norman and David Glasser of Airshow Mastering have been working on. They are remixing and remastering every song from the Europe 72 Grateful Dead Tour which consisted of 23 concerts. They will release this in 72 HDCD Discs in a special fancy boxed set for the first 7,200 orders and after that you can get the discs only in digipak for the same $450.00

I am happy that they also decided to release a Europe 72 -part 2 , which will contain songs from the tour that did not make it on the original Europe 72.


Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Grateful Dead Road Trips Vol4 , #4

This Grateful Dead 82 Concert at The Spectrum in Philly sounds awesome. The Recording is excellent and contains 3 Discs of great songs. Garcia's vocals are great, the recording is just splendid,unlike most Road trips CDs, this is a full concert ,like a Dick's Picks,but the Sound Quality is almost unbelievable, especially Garcia, both vocals and guitar!!!

Get it @

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