Monday, August 22, 2011

"Little Bird" - Kasey Chambers - a review

Kasey Chambers sounds a bit more mainstream on the production of her new CD, well, it has been out for awhile in Australia. Now, Sugar Hill Records is releasing it here in the states. The title track "Little Bird" is a real catchy song, bouncy melody with real melodic feel. She still has that bit of nasally sound to her vocals, but her voice sounds stronger than ever.

"Somewhere" is a very beautiful love ballad. It is done very well, Sort of a sparse delivery, but very delightful. Some nice guitar fades,too. The lyrics are thought provoking.

Bottom Line, This is a good CD, that has proven itself, it seems to try to please both alt/country and mainstream country fans by it's variety of material. I love the textures the sound quality produces, American version mastered by a top notch engineer who usually doesn't master a lot of country, but this works well.


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