Tuesday, November 13, 2012

"Christmas The Mountain Way" - Christmas Bluegrass DVD/CD

This Christmas DVD/CD release by Rural Rhythm Records is a very warm enjoyable experience. It Highlights a lot of their artists and has a couple of really nice original songs. It is recorded in the Bell Theatre in Pineville Kentucky. There is a crew of stage musicians including Jason Burlesn (banjo/guitar), Clint Hurd,(mandolin); Brandon Godman(fiddle), Vic Graves(dobro), and Bryan Turner and John Bradley on bass. A very beautiful and reverent production.
The MC for the night is Mike Scott. "Christmas The Mountain Way" is written and performed by Dale Ann Bradley and Steve Gulley. The other new song is written and performed by Cumberland River. It is named "Christmas In The Mountains". Lots of traditional Christmas songs and hymns take up the other 13 songs, which makes the DVD run over an hour, and the DVD has many special features. I'm happy just watching and listening to this great music. Audey Blaylock is a very good singer and performer. Marty Raybon sings his songs very well. Dale Ann Bradley is a great singer and adds alot to the production. Cumberland River is really the only totally full band, but their original song is very nice,bluegrass and Christmas go well together. You will enjoy this, it is so down home, nice decorations ,a lot of work into this show, and I'm only mentioning the highlights, there are more artists than I'm telling you about. You really need to get this and share it.

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