Sunday, July 08, 2012

"Texas, Del Rio, Revisited - Unplugged and Lonesome" - Radney Foster - A Review

This was a great idea and an even better creation. Radney was still getting alot of requests from this CD.and it was out of print so He thought of doing an unplugged version of it. This is Foster's first solo CD after "Foster and Lloyd" broke up. I fell in love with it and know every song on it from the first electric Texas country version of it.

   This is a simple ,but beautiful production. It was recorded in a studio over a weekend, and he had everyone sitting in a circle in the big room of the studio, Really has a great acoustic sound with a pretty impressive guest list. I'm going to list the main players, there were a lot of background singers. One thing I will say, it brings out the same vibe as the original version, plus it has a new song that he just wrote called "Me and John R." on it. Radney does vocals and acoustic guitar, Marty McGuire (Dixie Chicks) fiddle and background vocals, Jon Randall Stewart,acoustic guitar, mandolin,background vocals, Steve Fishell, Dobro and Weisenborn, Brady Black, fiddle on two songs, Michael Ramos, accordion, Wurlitzer,  Matt Borer, percussion and Glenn Fukunda, upright bass.

   The new song "Me and John R." is about his Dad and Johnny Cash. It is an upbeat song, after I read that in the CD cover, the song made sense,a real musical tune with lots of hooks and real pretty acoustic guitar picking and dobro, too.

     I am going to give you a list of the original 10 songs:

        1. Just Call Me Lonesome
        2. Don't Say GoodBye
        3. Easier Said Than Done
        4. A Fine Line
        5. Me and John R.
        6. Nobody Wins
        7. Old Silver
        8. Louisiana Blue
        9. Closing Time
       10. Hammer and Nails
       11  Went For A Ride

          - This is one of the finest acoustic recordings that I have heard in awhile, presented in HDCD,a must have for Radney Foster Fans, Radney Foster is a special talent, who has put out a real winner.

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