Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Bluegrass: super small Niche or just not popular?

I have been priviledged to review and listen to lots of Bluegrass music over the last couple of years. I don't get it, Why isn't it more popular?
The music out today is very well done, you can get old time bluegrass, newgrass and what I call modern Bluegrass , which is just regular bluegrass with
a modern, well mastered recording. There are many groups out there which are excellent like "The Lonesome River Band", "The Grascals", "Mountain Heart",
and on and on. You will not find these groups on radio anywhere, maybe a Sirius channel or on the internet.

Labels like Sugar Hill, Rounder, Rural Rythmn and many more have lots of great bluegrass to sell. But, not many takers. If you look at the Billboard Bluegrass Chart, which goes 1-10, you will find Steve Martin's new CD, which is not as good as most of the full time artists out there. You will find Dierks Bentley with the Punch Brothers ruling on top with "Up On The Ridge". I think Dierks is a pretty good Country Singer, but this just does not do anything for me anymore than Steve Martin's Bluegrass CD do anything for me, just 2 popular Big Label acts, With no lasting substance.

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