Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Bryan Clark's Gossip,Inspiration and Slander Creates Cosmic Ripple

Double-Disc Set Available Today On Rainfeather Records
Nashville, TN (March 31, 2009) -- Singer/songwriter Bryan Clark's newest CD - GOSSIP, INSPIRATION & SLANDER- is creating a cosmic ripple, spurring a tour, producing a flurry of media attention, and inspiring Flatpicking Guitar magazine to offer Clark a guest column in their May issue. The double-disc set is available today on Rainfeather Records.
First Dates of the GOSSIP, INSPIRATION and SLANDER Tour include:
May 2 Backyard Jam @ The Island, Clarksville
May 15 Strawberry Music Festival, Clarksville
May 22 Norm's River Roadhouse, Nashville
June 9 Listening Room, Nashville

Early Media Comments:

“Bryan Clark’s stellar playing and singing combine influences from numerous musical aspects. As a soloist, he’s equally soulful and ambitious, able to execute complex progressions or edgy chord flurries with the same care and dexterity he brings to sweet, soothing ballads. Clark’s new double CD Gossip, Inspiration and Slander has both an electric and acoustic side, and has him displaying his fluency in bluegrass flatpicking, jazz and blues tunes, and his proficiency operating as either a leader or a rhythm contributor.” Ron Wynn / NASHVILLE CITY PAPER

"Gossip, Inspiration, and Slander is a testament to Bryan’s abilities as a picker, singer, songwriter, composer, arranger, and producer. The boy can do it all! The CD is more Newgrass than Bill Monroe and really more Americana than bluegrass, but the songwriting and vocals are very strong and the performance turned in by all of the band members is phenomenal. Be prepared to add a new name to your list of favorite flatpickers” - Dan Miller / FLATPICKING GUITAR Magazine
The new CD led to a feature in the March/April issue of Flatpicking Guitar magazine, additional coverage (both current and upcoming) in Vintage Guitar, Country Weekly, The Alternate Root, Americana Music Times and more. His musical compositions can be heard on ESPN, America’s Next Top Model and The History Channel, and eight live performance videos are posted at Bryan Clark is endorsed by Collings Guitars, John Pearse Strings, Elliot Capos, Pro Pick Fingerpick and Red Bear Flatpicks.
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