Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Harry Kalas,Philly Legend, Dies to leave a City of grieving fans

Harry Kalas, longtime announcer and friend of the Philadelphia Phillies died of Heart Disease yesterday. Kalas had been at the job for well over 30 years ,announcing games and doing community service. He was known as "The Voice of the Philly's", He moved here from Illinois a long time ago and the fans here quickly accepted his friendly ways and his always being there to sign an autograph or have his picture taken with a Fan. Yesterday, I listened as many Philly fans called into Philly Radio Sports show WIP, to share their experience with Harry.
Harry had not a strike against him in his many years here, unusual in the Sports world. Myself, not necessarily a Philly's or Baseball fan, listened with great interest at their last 2 seasons ,the latest ending in winning the World series. I will miss that voice and his many Kalasisms like for a home run- "That ball is out a here" with his personal touch on the phrasing. He would get excited over his Phillies, the team considering him a member. Harry smoked , so before the last game, a number of them , lit a smoke in the dugout and took one puff in honor of Harry K. The airways won't be the same without Kalas, an unusual guy, who would sing High Hopes at the 7th inning stretch. Kalas is like unto a country legend.

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