Friday, October 15, 2010

"That Just Happened" - Mountain Heart - A Review

Search for Mountain HeartMountain Heart has created a very creative acoustic rock recording with lots of influences. Josh's vocals are very rich, and can be easily mistaken for Vince Gill on a slow ballad. This recording sounds a lot like a live album, though I know there are several overdubs.

The cookin' "That Just Happened" starts the disc out , with several people helping out, especially on vocals. sounds a bit like Seatrain on Steroids, like it rocks, in it's acoustic way. If you heard it this summer, like I did, I think that you would agree. Love Van Cleve's fiddle tones, and the B3 organ. Eddie Bayers' Drums really add a lot to the whole CD. He is a real pro and has played on so many big records, it would be hard to count. Some neat bass notes rumble in the mix by Jason Moore. For an acoustic recording, this is real loud, but there is no distortion or problems.

There are some Bluegrass purists that really do not like what groups like the "Infamous Stringdusters", "Punch Brothers" and "Mountain Heart" are doing to bluegrass. They are just playing their style of it , that is all. On the other hand, this summer, purists like Del Coury welcomed Mountain Heart with open hands to his festival. Also, one of Bluegrass's best guitarists "Tony Rice" played several shows with them this year. Bryan Sutton plays on several songs, can't forget him, I think that I like his playing on "Whipping Post" best. Well, it took a bit longer than expected to get out, but there are seven excellent songs on the EP. Only available at their website store.

By The Way, The Artwork on the CD and the Cardboard cover is excellent. There are four original and three cover songs on the EP. The version of the "Ride" is the best that I have ever heard, I really listened to what Josh was singing and the song really hit me with a whole new light. The version of "Whipping Post" is quite awesome too, Making these classic electric songs acoustic was a great idea, plus the group takes the music to different places than before. Josh's "Even If It Breaks My Heart" is my favorite original song, I loved that song from when I first heard them do it in concert.

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