Friday, October 01, 2010

"Mississippi Rain" - Badhorse" - A Review

Reviewing a single is fun because I really get to concentrate on just one song. I just got this today, and am listening to the CD single for the first time. Man, I love that lead guitar , classic country, rock stuff. I had never heard of Badhorse, but they have quite a resume'.
It's raining tonight in Philly and I mean "Cats and Dogs".

This is a country ROCK ballad, that has a great set of hooks, The singer to this song has got a warm emotive voice. You know, had it not been for a wonderful person who sent me this, I would have never heard like this, This is a very good recording, with that Big Studio sound and some strings tastefully placed in the mix. The drums are real good, just love the guitar licks, really fit in with the vocals and do not overpower them, even the guy takes off, He has his own sound. This is definitely radio Friendly, a very hot performance with great vocals and the song itself, is a great vehicle for the mix. This is a very good band that has opened for the big guys , like the Sensational new Zac Brown. If they put out much more like this, These groups will be opening for Badhorse.
Well, I have to give it a thumbs up, very good song. With the right promotion and some luck, it's a winner. I say that with some Sarcasm, because I think We all know that the best song is not always picked, but my best wishes for BadHorse and "Mississippi Rain".

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