Saturday, October 02, 2010

The Circle is Home Again, at The Opry!!

Search for grand old opryI must admit if you have anything to do with Nashville , and watching that devastating flood, Tonight's Concert meant a lot. The Circle is back where it belongs. Brad Paisley and Little Jimmy Dickens open up in song. Brad did a song by himself acoustically later in show, That was a real treat. Martina was one of few females performing, which was a bit unusual. Keth Urban did a real nice version of Radney Foster's "I'm In". I'm still humming it. There was some nice storys interspersed about people helping each other during the flood.
There were two songs done which were milestones just by the incredible musicianship. First , there was Charlie Daniels with Montgomery Gentry doing the "Devil Came Down To Georgia". The one big guy in Montgomery Gentry just swang his mike stand, like he usually does. His partner sang the Devil's part. Charlies Band was smoking ( no, not literally), they were really hot, I never saw Charlie play fiddle as well as He did tonight, He played an ending that was like nothing I have ever seen him doe, like He slowly crawled up the scale playing fiddle at full Speed and when they got to a certain spot, He just Stopped, almost like he was out of energy, but it was planned. He got the most reaction from the Crowd.
The last song was a guitar jam of "Working Man's Blues" . It was Brad Paisley, Keith Urban, Marty Stuart and Steve Wariner playing guitar and Ricky Scaggs on mandolin, great song and version. They were all good, but surprizing me a little were Marty Stuart and Steve Wariner. Always liked Wariner, but his lead was just plain incredible, jazzy sounding and Marty Stuart was playing some older timed type country, just very enjoyable. Here is a version of the same song from 2 years ago at The opry.

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