Sunday, June 06, 2010


This week, Kid Rock takes the stage to host the CMT Awards show, I think that this says a little bit about the success of country music, just about everyone is invited to the party. Jewel,Bon Jovi, all these types have made a country record, Country music usually has something that people can relate to, it's the peoples music. People say that it is too slick, that does not bother me, usually that means a high quality recording, Anything that gets as much guff and imitation is doing something right. Rhonda Vincent, and many others started out in country music to move on to something else.
Country Music showed it's class by a relief show for the big Nashville Flood, Brad Paisley , Martina Mcbride, Lady Antebellum ,Keith urban and many others put on a pared down version of their music which was classy. And it showed what they could really do without all of the fancey stuff.


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