Sunday, June 27, 2010

"Letters In The Deep" - Cadillac Sky - A Review

Cadillac Sky is a group that has put out 2 very good contemporary bluegrass CDs on Skaggs Family Records. They went to Dualtone so they metamorphosis into a band without boundaries. Here is a group that has the best instruments that money can buy, use Blue Chip picks ($35), Collings guitars and mandolins, Nechville Banjoes, Daddario strings, TAAG violins, Their promo says they sleep easy knowing their instruments are protected by Colorado Cases. They have a Bible verse on their CD. I visited their website that has some Cd making footage, Dan Auerbach (frontman of another group) produced it for them, they basically wanted an old fashioned type recording without overdubs and cut and paste, that will sound better the more that a listener listens to it.

Well, it is very different than their previous CDs , lots of dissonance in the melodies, all acoustic , you hear talking in the background of songs. "Lee Of The Stone : West" is a very pretty instrumental, but it is only 44 seconds long. Honestly, I find it very odd to say the least, electronic sounds , mellotrons. There is a good amount of clipping in the recording, it is a very loose affair. "Hypocrite" is a song about hypocrites, "Say one thing and you do another, repeat.

"Bathsheeba" is a frantic sounding tune, that has some nice mandolin and guitar with some good tone. Then, some harmonies ,like from "Pet sounds" ,come in the mix. The voices sound poor, like they were meant too, "Pitiful Waltz" is a good description of the song. Well, I have spent alot of time with this and I loved their first 2 Cd's. You make up your own mind, This a Free country. All I can give you, is what I am given.


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