Saturday, May 16, 2009

"@ The Gorge" - The Dead 5 - 16-09 - A review

I must say, the quality of sirius radio is awesome, even with my small headphones, 128 bp mp3 quality, on computer, or you can get 32 if you have dial up. Let me get this out the way first, Haynes is driving me crazy with that hot envelope filter or wah he is using, He overdoes it, Chimenti on the other hand sounds like Keith Godchaux on piano. Lesh is dropping bombs like usual, He sounds great. I can't hear Weirs guitar on this song, Wait, he is playing a wah too, this is nuts, This is 2 hours into the show, I have listened to about half of it. This song is Althea, Haynes sings it nicely. Now, get that Wah out of here. Uh oh, is this, could it be, 1, 2, Yeh, "Eyes Of The world", Phil sounds perfect, Weir is nailing the guitar with a more jazzy feel, Is that Phil singing, yeh, Go, Love this, The wah is gone, nice, nice Harmonies, Whew , Go guys, Haynes is teasing with his guitar now, great interplay, Jerry would be proud. Boy, Chimenti is really tinkling those keys. Crowd is alive. Haynes does a little tinkling with the strings, real mellow.
This version of the Dead is not up to 70s standards, especially vocally, Once in a while, they get the vocals, but I just do not see Haynes fitting. Jimmy Herring, The guys from "The Other Ones". Dickey Betts, He can do a good Franklins Tower. What about, 4 real Dead members plus Chimenti. Face it, Haynes always wanted to get a few wahs and envelope filters, but Jerry was subtle with those Babies. Warren is a very good guitarist, but more of a fit with The Allman Brothers or Government Mule(his Band).
Oh, thos prices, 100 bucks, Phish is doing the summer(45-50) ,Us Deadheads are not money bags, that is why I got a free 72 hour membership to Sirius so I could listen to this. They should give Haynes, a gold mutron pedal for his going away present.(Enough , I know) I love this band, so I have earned the right to rib them, Bottom line, they gave the Crowd a great show, This year, We all need something, Amen.

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