Thursday, May 07, 2009

Charlie Daniels Visits troops Overseas

Charlie Daniels Visits Troops Overseas

(Nashville, TN - May 6, 2009) The Charlie Daniels Band recently concluded their third overseas visit of U.S. military troops in Kuwait and Iraq. The legendary musician toured bases in Ar Ramadi, Balad, Al Qayyarah, Tikrit and Kuwait, performing for thousands of appreciative servicemen and women. Stars for Stripes, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing celebrity entertainment to troops deployed overseas, organized the seven-show, nine-day trip.

"The reason I enjoy going to Iraq is because for a few days I am honored to walk among the finest young people America has to offer," Daniels recently wrote in his website soapbox. Daniels is currently on tour through the end of 2009. Tour dates can be found at

Daniels (r) visits with Lt. Commander Pronk at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait

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