Monday, March 23, 2009

"Alison Krauss and Union Station, Live In Louisville"- Some Thoughts

Are we getting near the end of the Best bluegrass band in the Land, AKUS? Possibly, I reviewed her double live CD "Live in Louisville" quite awhile back, recently, I bought a nice universal Disc player by OppoDisc, nice player, so I could listen to CDs in higher definition sound and also watch music DVDs and SACDs. The DVD is from both of the shows at the Louisville Palace, quite a nice place for a concert. I never heard the band sound better, and Krauss sounded awesome, with the production of guitars sounding tonally incredible. They definitely enjoy playing together and they are all different. In case no one noticed, they have a drummer, can't think of the guys name, but I remember He played for Seatrain many years ago, a great crossover rock, bluegrass group. He just uses brushs most of the time.
Something you do not notice from listening to her sing and play, she has quite a sense of humor, since she is the spokesperson for the group, she has a very dry but funny way about her. Ron Block, lead guitar player and banjo player is quite good, but different than your average bluegrass picker, who mostly riffs off scales and fast note connections, Block stays near the melody, also has a nice voice, heard that he has recently put out a Christian CD. Tyminski's "Wheels" was a recent great success. There is something about Dan, when the band broke into "Man Of Constant Sorrow", The crowd went nuts. Very good version too. The group basically does all of their popular stuff, plus some of their individual cuts.
In closing, Jerry Douglas played a couple of songs, one by himself, There are many good Dobro players out there , but if you listen to Douglas's solo CDs you will know what I mean , this guy is the Josh Graves of the decade. Let us hope, that they continue on in their excellent ways.

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