Tuesday, March 31, 2009

"IN OVERDRIVE" - Aaron Tippin

Aaron Tippin, Cobra, Barjan and Petro
Launch Cobra Coast to Coast With Aaron Tippin Contest
(Nashville, TN - 4/1/09) - In the world of country music, trains and trucks rule. And when it comes to trucks, the man whose music mines the seam between trucks and country is none other than the hardest working man in country music and former trucker, Aaron Tippin. And now he's announcing a contest that marries the old form of communication with the new, Cobra Coast-to-Coast With Aaron Tippin.
This country legend has recorded a blistering album, IN OVERDRIVE, of his favorite trucking songs on the NIPPIT Records/Country Crossing Records label and it is lighting up sales in truck stops across the country.
Rolling down the road with his band and crew in the Aaron Tippin tour bus reminding American truckers that they are not forgotten, Tippin comments, "wow, I had no way of knowing how much fun this was going to be when I decided to re-record some of the greatest truck drivin' songs of all time. Man, we had a great time in the studio and I thought that was pretty cool but this album just keeps getting' bigger and more fun."
Now, inspired by an unbelievable live concert where he wowed a throng of over 8,000 truckers at Freedom Hall Arena in Louisville, KY, Tippin has been motivated by real truck drivers to do something that hasn't been done in over 40 years. He's going to recreate the pony express of the trucking world by sending a message cross country just to show that it can still be done.
There have been a lot of important messages sent out by the CB radio long before there were cell phones or easy-access Internet communications. Truckers finding out their wives had given birth, stories of engagements by CB, life saving stories of CB heroes and miraculous stories of bravery and kinship among the brotherhood of truckers, almost too numerous to list. And some to fantastic to believe, yet such is the legend of the CB radio among professional truckers.
Tippin talked and visited with hundreds of fellow truckers at the MATS show in Louisville, KY, where he helped announce the winner of Arrow's Back On The RoadTM 2009 and played to the masses at Freedom Hall. After the show he created this concept of a contest designed to try to relive those great old memories when the CB was king. We want to prove the old CB can still send a message just as fast as ever. He's now organized an event to show the world that the truckin' pipeline is alive and well.
About the Contest: And now, Tippin has joined forces for this landmark contest with Cobra, Barjan, and Petro to pass the word across the country that Aaron Tippin is saluting America's 14 million plus workforce of trucking professionals whose daily sweat and energy keeps our country moving. And that's what this contest is all about. Moving some thanks, appreciation, good will and good news, brother trucker-to-brother trucker. "My partners at Cobra, Barjan and Petro have just knocked me out. This couldn't happen without their expertise and encouragement," Tippin exclaims.
Guidelines: On Friday, April 17th at 7:30 PM CST at the Petro truck stop in Kingston Springs, TN, Aaron Tippin will launch the Cobra Coast to Coast Contest with Aaron Tippin, sponsored by Cobra, Petro and Barjan. He'll send out a secret code to all truckers going east to west and west to east to see how long it takes to send the message [that free CB's and Aaron Tippin gift bags are to be won], the old fashioned way from coast to coast. That code will be announced the night of the launch by Tippin at 9:30 PM CST.
He will be manning his Cobra CB radio at the Kingston Springs Petro and will announce that two lucky truckers will win special Cobra Radios and "Aaron Tippin" prize packages at select Petro truck stops on both the east and west coast. He will announce a secret pass code on his Cobra from Tennessee and see how long it takes the lucky truckers to pass the code word on to the East and West coast Petro truck stops to claim the Grand Prizes. These winning Petro locations are (East Coast) Mebane, NC and (West Coast) Wheeler Ridge, CA. The first trucker to arrive at each truck stop and announce the "secret pass code" to management will receive the prize package which will include a Cobra CB Radio, a Cobra bluetooth wireless headset, and a special Aaron Tippin gift bag that includes, CD, concert backstage passes, tee shirts, ball caps and more.
"This is going to be a ton of fun for all of the guys and gals truckin' across the country," says Tippin. "Plus, a trucker on each end of I-40 will be an instant winner as soon as they walk into the winning Petro location in California and North Carolina. Along with those winners, any driver that relays the message will have the chance to win the same prizes in an online contest on www.aarontippin.com by going to the site and registering and logging in the secret code word. If you are hauling cross-country, don't miss your chance to win and have a great time while you're at it.
For additional information visit www.aarontippin.com.

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