Thursday, October 13, 2005

"Unbroken Circle" - The Musical Heritage Of The Carter Family

The Carter Family truly was the tradition that brought us what today we call roots and Americana Music. John Carter Cash has produced a masterpiece that needs little promotion, this is just a great acoustic production. John wrote some great liner notes to go along with the great booklet in this collectors item. Fifteen great songs, fifteen great artists. This is easily one of the best lineups that I have ever seen on a tribute album. Most of the recording was done in the Cash Cabin Studio, on Johnny's property where He recorded til He died.

The only artist that seems out of place here is Sheryl Crow, though she does a great rendition of "No Depression In Heaven", Alison Krauss or Kelly Willis would have been a better fit. George Jones starts out with a kickin rendition of "Worried Man Blues" which really makes one wonder why none of these artists other than Crow get any major radio play.
Listening to this CD makes you wonder why there are not more recordings of this quality, it sounds like a record from the 70's, rich, clear, not a hint of distortion, easy on the ears. Wish I could answer that, but this really has a much warmer sound than your average clinical, over-amped CD.

As I said, this masterpiece needs no promotion, so I 'll just list the rest of the artists and their songs all written by AP Carter.
3. "On The Sea Of Galilee" - Emmy Lou Harris and the Peasall Sisters
4. "Engine One - Forty Three" - Johnny Cash
5. "Never Let The Devil Get The Upper Hand Of You" - Marty Stuart And The Superlatives
6. "Little Moses" - Janette and Joe Carter
7. "Black Jack David" - Norman and Nancy Blake with Tim Obrien
8. "Bear Creek Blues" - John Prine - this really cooks
9. "You Are My Flower" - Willie Nelson - just Willie and his guitar
10. "Single Girl - Married Girl" - Shawn Colvin with Earl and Randy Scruggs
11. "Will My Mother Know Me There?" - The Whites with Ricky Skaggs
12. "The Winding Stream" - Roseanne Cash - the acoustic texture of guitar and auto harp on this song is nothing less than audiophile
13. "Rambling Boy" - Del Coury Band
14. "Hold Fast To The Right" - June Carter Cash
15. "Gold Watch And Chain" - Nitty Gritty Dirt Band with Kris Kristofferson - this track is really special

In closing, I give thanks to all involved with this great project, John Carter Cash, the good folk at Dualtone Records. You can preorder a copy at Dualtones' website, it is slated for release in mid August.

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