Thursday, October 13, 2005

"Show" - Allison Moorer

The Title of this package is very appropriate, what you get is a great show. You get a 15 song CD and a DVD including all 15 tracks and a bonus track. Recorded at 12th and Porter in Nashville to an overflow crowd, you really get the experience captured well, with the crowd involved and Allison bantering some. This was recorded 1/4/2003. Kudos to all involved, it's a super recording.
Sometimes, Allison and her band rock and then sometimes they go slow or acoustic on you, real good song selection, including most of her best material, all songs by her except a great cover of Neil Young's "Don't Cry No Tears".
Her older sister, Shelby Lynne joins her on three songs in a row, which is a real treat. Kid Rock even makes an appearance on the Closer "Bully Jones", which rocks a bit too much for me.
She really nails "Alabama Song" ,title track for her 1st album. The crowd really loves it, applauding in the song. "Soft Place To Fall", probably her most well known song, she lets her sultry, emotive voice pull you into the Show.
"Yessiree" from "Miss Fortune" (most recent album), is a great midtempo song with some great guitar. There is plenty of great guitar pickin' in this Show. "I'll Break Before I Bend" is a great statement song which says in a very straight forward way that she would rather sing and play songs that she likes rather than compromise and be popular. Her vocals could easily be tamed by Nashville's' country pop machine and make her a star, to which she says "No". After she finishes the song she says "That will probably be my first hit", (said in a tongue in cheek manner). Probably why she left Major Label, Universal South to go to a small indie label Sugar Hill, where she would have the freedom to pursue whatever she wants.
"Let Go" is a beautiful acoustic heartbreak ballad. Allison is a great lyricist, using some great ideas and imagery. "Steal The Sun" is a great song that has a jazzy feel about it about stealing the sun before tomorrow comes, great hooks and some unique guitar parts.
Now, we move into my favorite part of the show, three songs with Allison and sister; Shelby Lynne. They have some interesting banter in between songs. "Bring Me All Your Lovin" is a beautiful mid-tempo love song where they exchange verses and harmonize on the chorus which has a great musical hook. Nice acoustic guitars and pedal steel on this mellow song, great lead guitar break too.
The next song "Is Heaven Good Enough for You" is the next number that they sing together. I just learned the story behind the tune which gives me why it is so emotional and explains the story, Allison was raised by older sister Shelby because their mom was killed by their Dad. Both gals really give it up on this song and for me, it is the emotional high point of the Show. It is a slow, steamy ballad with some great guitar riffs and steel. It really sends chills up my spine and is my personal favorite song. Yes, Allison, Heaven is good enough for your ill fated mom.
The sisters end their little concert in a concert with "Going Down" which is a great upbeat song that they rock out, great electric lead guitar and vocals. (Also from Miss Fortune)
"Send Down An Angel" is a great emotive slow ballad asking for help to get thru an awkward relationship. Love the musical arrangement on this, mostly acoustical with some great pedal steel and lead guitar. Moorer's vocals are just so rich and emotive.
Sorry, I just told you almost everything. This is one of country's best singers singing at her best with a great backup band. Allison ventures from mainstream Nashville country and always has, that's why you don't hear her on country radio. If you haven't heard Allison, this would be a great introduction, cause she sings better live than in the studio, not taking anything away from her previous three CDs. Also, you would get a great sampling of her music.
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