Thursday, October 13, 2005

"Finding Our Way" - The Mickeys

What do you get when you put together 27 year old twin gals with acoustic music that's the quality of a major label? You get the original sounding Mickeys, vocals that ring with bell like clarity and breathtaking harmonies. They have been singing together since the age of 4.
They formed the Mickeys in 2000 and have been living and playing the Nashville Clubs ever since. Their sound is nothing short of refreshing. Honestly, I have never been so impressed by a new album as this one. It's an acoustic sparsely recorded album that sounds very full, reminding me of an Alison Krauss and Union Station Recording. The guitars (John Albani and Kent Unruh) shimmer, the fiddles( Wanda Vick) and banjos (Wanda Vick) never sounded better. The acoustic guitar picking is great and sounds great. You can hear Country, Celtic and Bluegrass influences, but to me, it's just great acoustic country music. They have a national distribution deal set up, their own label, Riverbeat Music. It will be released on July 1, 2003.
The gals wrote 5 of the 11 songs. Their vocals have an original quality to them, that is indescribable. The gals produced the album with John Albani.
Although their beautiful vocals and harmonies are the centerpiece of this album, I can't say enough about the recording quality, musicians, real big label sound, mastered to perfection.
Every song is very good, I will mention my favorites of the 11 tracks. "Dixie Wire" (personal favorite) is a slow intense ballad, full of emotion. Other standouts include "Old Kentucky Wind" (great dobro by Wanda Vick), a mid-tempo bluegrass tune, "All I Ever Wanted Was You", an upbeat tune with great harmonies, "Smoke And Mirrors", an upbeat tune about being deceived, "Before You're Home", upbeat bluegrass tune( great fiddle-Wanda Vick, great acoustic guitar) and "My Way Again", an awesome mid-tempo tune with some banjo and great fiddle.
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