Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Mark Wayne Glasmire EP - A Review

  I like what this young man has to say in his liner notes. " I still believe that a good song can make a difference in the world ". I believe that, without good music, life would be pretty dreary in this world. How many times have I been influenced and had my outlook changed by a good song, whether it be sad, upbeat or  something that touches me deep inside.

  Glasmire has a very hi quality EP slotted for release on January tenth of this year. The recording has a very hi quality sound with great musicians and produced by the very talented John Albani. The songs are filled with infectious instrumental hooks and Glasmire has a very good ,warm voice.

  I really like the first single "I Like You", which has some traits of a Jimmy Buffet type tune in it. It has been released to the world market on Hotdisc and spent nine weeks as a number 1 song on the Hotdisc chart.

  The emotive ballad "Going Home" was the EP's first video and I just found out it has been upgraded to the GAC and CMT rotation. It is the story of a soldier who was coming home after ten years of duty.

  Mark knows how to write and project a song.Being a consistent songwriter is not easy and I believe it is a gift to those who do it best.  Mark has performed a lot with good artists like Guy Clark and Dierks Bentley, opening for them. He has a flare for a song. Check him out ---


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