Monday, January 30, 2012

"The Gospel Side Of Dailey And Vincent" - a review

This is one of the most eclectic gospel ,Bluegrass CDs that I have ever heard. There is an incredible amount of talent in each of these songs. The most important feature is the wonderful way Jamie Dailey and Darrin Vincent sing together.

  The sparse "Family Bible" (W. Nelson) with just guitars in accompaniment is slow paced and beautiful. Bryan Sutton plays guitar, but just chords, no lead.

  On the other hand you have "The 4th Man in the Fire" which is an uptempo piano based gospel song. There is a real low voice in the mix,there are so many guest vocalists including the angelic Sonya Isaacs on this CD.

  "Until at last I'm Home" (Vincent and others) is moderate paced with piano and few instruments, but loads of beautiful harmony.

  "Come Back To Me" (Jimmy Fortune) This is my favorite featuring Sutton on guitar and also Darrin Vincent. A very sweet melody,Sutton's playing is very subtle with lots of sweet resonance.

  This Disc is engineered by Michael Latterell at Trinity Sound and He also mixed it. Excellent job here as this was no easy project to mix. Mastered by Paul Blakemore at CMG Mastering.

   This is Dailey and Vincent's second gospel CD. I did not hear the first one, but this would be hard to top. I think that there is a style here for everyone. Also, this is a CrackerBarrel project, I have yet to review a less than stellar CrackerBarrel CD. This Cd will leave you refreshed!!  

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