Thursday, July 21, 2011

"The Life We Live" - Cumberland River - A Review

Cumberland River is a real authentic sounding bluegrass band. They write their own songs and their music has good melodies and harmonies also, but with a flair of the old time bluegrass sound prevalent in their music. The Dobro is a big part of their sound. Steve Gulley does a good job of producing the CD. I like the sound Gulley creates, not too polished, he lets the instruments come thru like they should. Banjo and mandolin sound great too, with some nice lead guitar.

James Dean plays banjo and sings, Joseph Jones plays upright bass, Dustin Middleton plays guitar and mandolin, and sings, Andy Buckner sings and plays guitar, Justin Moses plays fiddle and Dobro, and Jamie Stewart plays Dobro. Steve Gulley sings harmony on several tracks, plus Dale Ann Bradley also sings harmony vocals.

Their music appears on the TV show "Justified", Six of their original songs appeared on two different shows. I really like "Train Of Sorrow", a song that tells a sad story. "Remember Me" is a sad song that is very touching.

This is a very good bluegrass set of songs, that has an original sound in old genre.

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