Wednesday, July 13, 2011

"The BLU-DISC" - Nu- Blu - A review

This group has a smooth ,yet fundamental bluegrass sound as they play their way thru this disc. The group is Carolyn Routh on bass, Daniel Routh on guitar with Kendall Gales on mandolin and Levin Austin on banjo. Their sound is definitely their own as they play these in the bluegrass vein, yet what comes out is smooth as a mountain stream, almost with a pop sound, yet not a bad thing, their sound is great.

After a quick look at titles , I recognized several songwriters like Mark Brinkman, but I did not notice much in the way of new stuff, but what they play sounds delightful. Carolyn has a great voice for the female lead vocals, I mean, real good. I really like the instrument interaction, they are really together. It is really well produced, the tones are smooth and sweet. The lyrics of these songs are very thought provoking. The opening track "Look To You" is delightful, yet the words are challenging.

Nu-Blu is a new dimension in the bluegrass world, it is a CD to check out, I liked it immediately, it is different, but what is wrong with that. There are some more traditional driving songs mixed in.

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