Thursday, March 10, 2011

"The Love Of God" - Kenny Rogers - A Review

It is hard to believe that Kenny Rogers has had a 50 year career, so far. Last night, He was given a salute "The First Fifty Years" on GAC TV.

This selection of Christian songs,hymns and gospel renderings has a real rootsy feel to it. It has an audiophile sound quality to it, a great production, all of the way around. It gives you Nashville's best in musicians and singers, but it does not sound like that is what you got. It is a warm,rootsy personal affair that is refreshing and peaceful to listen to. Doug Sax mastered it, He puts a stamp of true originality to it, plus, a warmth that you did not think a CD player could produce.The artwork on the Digipak is very somber in brownish tones with a couple of pictures of Kenny looking very serious, but serene. His vocals have never sounded better. He is very sincere in his singing and has picked a great set of songs , partially from public domain and partially from hymns and other artists.The CD starts out with "Will The Circle Be Unbroken" and moves thru a very varied set of gospel songs and Christian Ballads. The theme of the "Love Of God " comes out alot.

To hear Kenny sing "What a Friend We Have In Jesus" is so encouraging, he sings with so much meaning and sincerity. "Circle Of Friends", sung with Point Of Grace is more upbeat and like new territory for Kenny, He asked them if they would sing it with him.

This is a Cracker Barrel project, which is always a good thing, I do not think I have ever heard a bad one. They seem to give the artist freedom in every aspect of the project. It is refreshing to see this side of Kenny, God believing, and full of creativity. He is not ashamed to share his belief in God, through song and what he has written on the CD cover. The producers for the CD are Rodgers long time pianist Warren Hartman with Kyle Lehning(Randy Travis and others.)

"Peace" is a warm ballad by Michael Mcdonald that Kenny fell in love with. Great version of "I'll Fly Away" with the help of the Whites. My favorite song is "Rock Of Your Love" by Vince Gill. I love the vocals and country sound to it, some great country lead guitar and pedal steel. This is another great project by the Cracker Barrel gang, pick one up at their restaurant or on line.

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