Monday, March 21, 2011

"Lonesome Whistle" - The Roys - A Review

The Roys in a one word description are "refreshing". The brother and sister team have uncanny harmonies which only siblings can produce. Something special about family members singing together. They have written almost every song on this album. They just sing on this disc and leave the music to studio musicians Mark Fain, Bass/Dan Electro, Justin Moses, banjo, Randy Kohrs, Dobro, Cody Kilby, acoustic guitars, Steve Brewster, drums and Andy Leftwich, mandolin, fiddle and bouzouki.

Lee and Elaine must be excellent players also as they have some very good sponsors for guitars, mandolin, and strings.

"Coal Minin' Man", The first single from the CD, tells the story of a coal minin' man, a song about one of America's oldest and most dangerous professions. I really like this song as it is up beat and has a really good melody with those great bluegrass harmonies.

My favorite song off of the CD is "I Wonder What God's Thinking?". This song is very inspirational and some nice smooth Dobro. Once again, their harmonies are emotional as they really put themselves into the songs they present.

Their first Rural Rhythm CD features eleven modern sounding, refreshing songs, built on a traditional blend of acoustic, bluegrass instrumentation.

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