Sunday, September 26, 2010

"That Just Happened" - Preorder now, out Oct 12 - Mountain Heart

Search for mountain heartYes, Mountain Heart even calls themselves alt/bluegrass. This group is releasing a seven song EP on Oct 10, but, a bit different than usual. I do know this, It is a great recording, has four very good original songs , and 3 covers, Little Sadie, The Ride, and a long 7 minute jam of Whipping Post by the Allman Brothers band. Will leave the links for you.

Oh yeh, as far as I know, no mp3s are scheduled to sell anywhere, this CD will be a real treat, I know a Lot of work has gone into it.

This group has done nothing , but work themselves to death all summer, hitting all of The Festivals. They have no record label now, They had been with Rural Rhythmns Records for a couple of years and their live CD at the Ark in Ann Arbor, Michigan. They have no publicist, personally, because of my love for their music, I have been trying to share their exploits this summer. Bluegrass Bands literally live on that Bus most of the time. They have a real good collection of Youtubes on Youtube. They have no deal for Distribution, right now, only for sale at their website, you can preorder and they will try to get it out to you by Oct 12. Name of EP is "That Just Happened", which is a real good selection of songs. Personally, I think they should have worked something out with Rural Rhythms records which is a good label. Their music is all acoustic, only baddie is Shillings "Electric Keyboards".

Original members are banjo player Barry Abernathy who plays with a very small part of his hand, but sounds great. Jim Van Cleve is the other original member, great fiddle player. Other members are lead singer Josh Shilling(piano, guitar), Jake Stargel (Lead guitar) , Aaron Ramsey who plays a wicked mandolin and Jason Moore on Bass. This band is 10 years old, and they go on with a Facebook crowd of 7,000 and their manager Brian Smith. I was priviledged to meet them all and see them this June at Sellersville Theater, where they put on a great show. Here is a youtube of their cover of "Whipping Post" -

These guys are country and bluegrass thru and thru, they like hunting , the great outdoors, and a song that gave them a boost this year was An incredible rendition of "The National Anthem" at a Nascar race. They have been getting some endorsement breaks with Vietti brand of Chili, and Mike Long Guitars. Go check out and go to store, and preorder their CD, you will not be disapointed.
Another alternative Bluegrass group is a group called "The Infamous Stringdusters", they are a different story, but their last CD ,produced by Gary Paczosa is just excellent. More bands, The Greencards and TheDuhks plus The Punch Brothers. Now , go enjoy some Bluegrass.

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