Thursday, April 08, 2010

Tiffany Johnson Announces Portion of CD Release To Benefit Soles4Souls, The Shoe Charity

Recording Artist Tiffany Johnson Announces Portion of CD Release Scuffed and Simple to Benefit Soles4Souls®, the Shoe Charity

The South Carolina Native draws song inspiration from her simple beginnings

Nashville TN – April 7, 2010--With the release of Tiffany Johnson’s debut CD Scuffed and Simple, the artist with deep southern roots has come a long way since her musical debut at the tender age of six. Recalling her first time singing in public, Johnson fondly describes sitting on an upright piano with her braided pigtails, wearing her ‘Dorothy Shoes’—Buster Brown Mary Janes her mother had rolled in glue and red glitter. She sang “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” and that became the moment she fell in love with music and performing.

She brought childhood memories like those into the creative process for the song selection on Scuffed and Simple, even co-writing with producer Lionel Cartwright on ‘My Dorothy Shoes’—an inspirational and poignant ballad about her small-town start and the impact it had on her life’s direction. Johnson chose a line from the second verse of the song as her album title. “That title reminds me a lot of myself,” said Johnson. “I’m pretty simple and I’ve had some bumps and bruises but, just like the shoes, there’s a lot of potential there.”

And shoes has continued to be a theme for Johnson’s life as a full-time spokesperson for Soles4Souls, the international shoe charity dedicated to providing shoes to people in need. Once Johnson learned about the organization’s mission, she took it on wholeheartedly and has since traveled in and out of the country, singing, speaking, and lacing up shoes as a representative of Soles4Souls.

“There’s something about fitting somebody with a pair of shoes,” she explained. “You get down on the ground and you physically touch someone, and it‘s not so much about the shoes but about spending that moment with them and helping them know that they matter, right then and there.”

The cause is so close to her heart that a portion of the proceeds from each copy sold of Scuffed and Simple will go to the organization she says has taught her what God’s work is all about.

“Through Soles4Souls, I am continually learning that it is so not about me; there’s this big world full of hurting people. We just have no idea what people are going through, internationally, and even next door, until we reach out and address their needs,” she said.

Soles4Souls is proud to have the support of Johnson and her unique music. "Tiffany's inspiration in music and towards the OUTREACH of Soles4Souls further communicates our commitment to change the world one pair at a time," said Elsey. "Our goal is to offer HOPE with the gift of shoes and now with Tiffany's ‘My Dorothy Shoes’ hit, we can impact with music," he added.

Scuffed and Simple can be purchased on her website and digitally through iTunes, LaLa, Rhapsody, Napster, and

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