Sunday, April 04, 2010

"The Famous Lefty Flynn's" - The Grascals - A Review

This is the fourth album of this much celebrated Bluegrass group, as they grow into their ever evolving sound. Not traditional in sound, but traditional in spirit with a modern sound to the Sweet recording in the twelve great songs featured here.

Whether they are cooking on a fast song or harmonizing on a slow ballad, The Grascals have a sound that is theirs. New to this CD is the award winning young Kristin Scott Benson, who adds her highly Skilled Banjo playing to the mix. This gal has two CDs of her own, before joining up with The Grascals, great fit.

I reviewed their last disc "Keep Walking On" and I find a much more empowered group here. Everything fits together well in a great mix. They start out doing a fast driving bluegrass version of "Last Train To Clarksville", originally recorded by the Monkees.
A song written by Jamie Johnson of the group "My Baby's waiting On The Other Side" really takes off, nice lyrics and some great banjo and mandolin.

A song by Steve Earle "My Old Friend, The Blues" has an old time country side to it with some pedal steel by Lloyd Green. A very good version with lots of emotion.

Another midtempo song "Up This Hill and Down" has some great hooks, just love Kristin's banjo interplay with the mandolin. They play together like they have been playing for years together.

Similar to this is "I'm Blue, I'm Lonesome" (Monroe, Williams) A classic old time country song done with a bluegrass twist.

The Twelveth song is a beautiful (public domain) gospel song. "Give Me Jesus" The instruments are more in the background on this track, while the sweet vocals take the front of the mix. Both country music and Bluegrass fans should love this great effort.

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