Wednesday, June 29, 2011

"Grateful Dead Movie Soundtrack and other News"

First, this set of five discs and four shows has just about the best Sound Quality of any Dead recording ever, period. This is the last time the famed "Wall Of Sound" is used. It has been all over the world in '74. So, this four night stand is it's farewell and they now have it tweaked to perfection. I saw the "Wall Of Sound" in Philly in August hanging from the ceiling of the Civic Center in it's single configuration, a huge cylinder of speakers , amps, beyond huge.

There is a distinct clarity to this mix, each musician has control of the volume and tone of their vocals and instrument. Phil's bass is not laying bombs, but it is perfect in the mix. Garcia's vocals sound great. The fifth CD see's Mickey Hart return to the group.

Jerry's "Wolf" sounds big, fat and clear, Weir plays a hollow body Gibson for his parts. I always liked Bobby playing the Gibson, so warm sounding. This is probably a 24 track recording as it is for the Grateful Dead Movie. You cannot compare it to a 2 track Dick's Picks, though some of them sounded very good. There are a lot of great jams on this five disc set. Great jam out of "Black Peter" on (Disc 4 , 10/19).

The material is from "Europe 72", "Wake Of The Flood", and the newly released "Mars Hotel". This was the culmination of The "Wall Of Sound" era, they had to truck 2 of these total sound systems on tour. While they were playing in one town, the crew was in another town setting up for the next show. It just showed the Dead's commitment to their fans, always the best!!

On to the news, which is probably old by now, Rhino Records, The Deads' current label is almost done remixing and mastering every show from the Europe 72 Tour, The 72 discs will sell for $450. The first 7,200 customers get a special wood box for the CDs and a hardcover book, plus other keepsakes. You still order the music only version from the  for the same price. This will be a special box set for sure.

Happy Fourth Of July!!!

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