Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Social Network - A Review

Social network, one of the most popular films this year is one that I had to see, realizing that total accuracy might not be there, but it could give me an idea of what the start of facebook is all about ,do not read this if want to see it and have not yet, might ruin it for you. One thing that was a bit irritating was the lack of lighting in a lot of the scenes, it was bad, you just could not see what was going on, i could figure out the purpose of this, from the beginning scene, Zuckerberg is shown as a self centered creep, I can't say that is true, just what the movie projects. He loses his girlfriend in that scene, and gets mad, then goes to his dorm room @ Harvard to blog bad things about her and then got the idea for Facebook, He already had a couple of network type sites, one was Face mash. A couple of Harvard students approached him to make an online internet social network for Harvard, which Zuck agrees to, but uses this idea to make Facebook for the whole internet. His roommate ,friend was given title CEO, which was not too serious to Zuck, but his friend did contribute 2,000 bucks to Facebook.

The whole movie is going on at the same time The Zuck is in a trial where his roommate is suing him for his lack of credit in Facebook, he was kicked out at one point. Zuck meets napster founder Sean Parker, who actually finds out about him, and talks him into moving to California , where everything is happening, and The Zuck is really taken by Parker, and is in Awe of him, doing whatever he says, his CEO is much lesss impressed.

Parker ,once Zuck is in California kinda takes over, bringing more and more people into the startup. Finds a way to rid the company of the CEO and of course ,The Zuck goes along. Eventually, The CEO is kicked out. Parker and Zuck have built the most successful social network and info gathering network around. (Info gathering), like a lot of networks Facebook is a big gatherer of your personal info, from what I have been told, don't quote me on that. In the end, Zuckerberg does lose the trial, and the CEO is given his status of cofounder of Facebook back. The Harvard students are rewarded financially, but The Zuck is the winner with a social network worth eight million bucks. This is a must see for computer geeks. The seedy world of the internet is like a modern day mafia of sorts, where these companies like Google, Apple and Facebook war for top place. (Facts are not guaranteed here, as this was based on a movie presentation.

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