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Richards And Southerns Announces Facebook Application Roll Out

June 11, 20009


Richards and Southern, Inc., is rolling out the initial version of its retail Facebook™ application, inviting fans to interact with merchandise offerings and share desired items with friends.

The move is part of a broader strategic initiative to build and support artist careers.

Pinky Gonzales, a ten-year veteran in the digital entertainment space, is heading up the company’s marketing efforts. “Concert merchandising has historically been a souvenir-oriented business giving fans the bragging rights of having attended a sought-after show,” says Gonzales. “Through Facebook™, we’re extending that experience to include pre and post-show interactions.”

Each R&S client will be receiving a storefront featuring select items from their merchandise catalog. Through each store, fans can comment on items and share links with their own Facebook communities. The stores are accessed from a “Shop” tab on the official artist Facebook accounts.

Additionally, a Richards and Southern “Fan Page” has been launched, featuring items daily from the R&S client roster. Special discounts and exclusive merchandise offerings are available on an ongoing basis. Several hundred fans have already joined the group.

The move into social networking is just one of several significant steps being taken by the company to up the ante on traditional entertainment merchandising.

“We’re creating partnerships for our artists to help them build, communicate with and monetize their communities,” says Gonzales. “From those roots come the freedom for artists to make the music we love them for. It’s a privilege and an honor to be in such an important role.”

Richards and Southern plans to announce a series of additional technological and strategic enhancements over the coming months to further support this trend in entertainment merchandising.

Reference links:
R&S Facebook™ fan page: http://Richards-Southern.com/facebook

Taylor Swift store: http://apps.facebook.com/shop_taylor_swift

Rascal Flatts store: http://apps.facebook.com/shop_rascal_flatts

Kenny Chesney store: http://apps.facebook.com/shop_kenny_chesney

Celebrating it’s 50th anniversary and long an innovator in the business of concert venue merchandise for much of country music’s top touring acts, Richard's and Southern specializes in being a full service company that offers an in house design team, production and marketing of all merchandise. Additionally, Richards and Southern provides the artists with management and fulfillment for their online stores.

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