Thursday, April 07, 2011

"Texas Girls" - Thom Shepherd - A Review

Many people will recognize Shepherd when they hear some of the songs on this CD that were done originally by other artists. Shepherd has been around awhile doing lots of songwriting ,having sixty cuts done by artists like Craig Morgan,David Ball,George Jones and Montgomery Gentry.

This ten song effort has a mix of old and new material. He is making a single on the CD -"App for That" to send to Texas/Red Dirt radio stations. It is a real cute upbeat song making some humor on the "App", you know, the things you download on your smart phone.

The production of this CD is simple seventies country, without the many layers of instruments, just some hot tele pickin', acoustic guitar and pedal steel with backup vocals. Nothing fancy, but done real tastefully, Shepherd has a very good singing voice, adding some new takes on alot of his older songs.

"Riding With Private Malone", originally a big hit by David Ball is a song that sends chills thru me. Just a great story song that Shepherd does a more acoustic take on.

This Album should do well with folk that like like Shepherd's style and very original songs. He has had two bouts with cancer, now five years being cancer free he does lots of benefits to help benefit cancer support organizations.

One song that I identify with is "A Father's Love", reminds me of my own relationship with my Dad. Check this out on.

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