Wednesday, March 30, 2011

"paper airplane" - AKUS - a single review

It has been seven years since we have heard anything new from this iconic bluegrass group. You can see the video on AKUS's website. I had heard from another article about the CD that the mood of the project would be depressing. The video is in black and white, shows the members in a rural setting with an old barn and farmhouse. The sound is familiar with Douglas's Dobro and Tyminski on mandolin. Krauss's vocal's have the same angelic, emotive quality as before. The group is sitting in an open tent playing with Alison singing in front of tent and she has a separate tent beside theirs. The production seems to be aimed at getting accurate sounds of their music, rather than something polished and modern like maybe their last album "Lonely Runs Both Ways" was aiming at.

The guys look real serious in their playing as they backup Alison on this song, and there are no back up vocals. A sparser setting than usual.I love this line "but every silver lining seems to have a cloud---". Go check it out.

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