Wednesday, April 27, 2011

"Dance Til Your Stockings Are Hot And Ravelin' " - The Grascals - Tribute to Andy Griffith Show 50th Anniversary

The Grascals are doing this special Tribute CD to the Andy Griffith Show, because it's the 50th Anniversary for this iconic show. The Grascals are all fans of the show as I am myself, They like to quote show dialogue back and forth on the bus. They even have trivia contests with their audiences on the road.

After their first CD this year which was bluegrass and country numbers done with other artists. It was "Grascals and Friends", a compilation of country and bluegrass songs on a Cracker Barrel Special.

This is a 7 song EP which is back to straight Bluegrass, and it is kickin' good. It is songs associated with the Andy Griffith Show, plus one they did themselves. I find it very entertaining and something they really worked on to get that old time sound. Most of the songs should be familiar to you. "Dooley","Boil Them Cabbage Down", "Stay All Night(Stay a Longer)", "Ol' Joe Clark" -(Thumbs up for this one), "Leaning On The Everlasting Arms"(Excellent version), "Mayberry's Finest Theme". Bonus- "Boy, Giraffe's Are Selfish" -(this has to do with a line from a show.)

These guys never stop amazing me, I find it hard to keep a freshness to Bluegrass, because it is a very stiff genre' or can be, but the Grascals continue to to be a fan friendly musically talented bunch that I love, and I think any lover of bluegrass would have to give then Kudos!! Look for this in a few weeks.

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