Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Judds - I Will Stand By You - Essential Judds

Curb Records has released a new compilation of greatest hits for the Judds, which includes two new songs. The bulk of songs is from the Eighties when The Judds ruled country music, with a huge following, with their signature acoustic country sound, produced by Don Potter and Brent Maher really was unique. "I Will Stand By You" is a good example of classic Judds with a sparkle.

This new compilation is very similar to the first greatest hits CD which I have, plus some newer songs from later in their career, like "Love will Build A Bridge". The sound quality is excellent sounding alot like the first Greatest hits CD which was very good, this is a bit tonally better, a very good listen. The newer two songs fit right in.

Here are some of the great songs from the eighties on here. "Mama He's Crazy", "Why Not Me" , "Love Is Alive", "Have Mercy", "I Know Where I'm Going", "Grandpa,Tell Me About the Good Old Days".

"Back Home" is the other remarkable new song with Alison Krauss, very nice lyrics, and a new sounding melody. It is a very good acoustic arrangement. I really enjoyed listening to the remastered older songs and the new songs too, It would be a great addition to your music collection.

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