Monday, July 05, 2010

"Tears ,Lies and Alibis" - Shelby Lynne - A Review

This is a bit of a new sound for Shelby and she produced it, sounds a bit like "Identity Crisis" ,which she also recorded partly.
She wrote all ten songs here and there is a variety of acoustic ,jazz like, with some interesting lyrics and melodies.

This CD has areal mellow vibe to it. "Old Dog" - She sings this with some sarcastic lyrics. She plays some sweet syncopated rhytmn guitar.

"Alibi" is a different type of Cheating song, about a guy and his Alibi. "Home Sweet Home" is a very good acoustic song, with a real sweet sound, thanks Doug Sax and mastering lab. "Home sweet Home" has mostly just her on it.

"Why Didn't you call me?" This is a very good jazzy sounding tune, with some horns. This was engineered by Brian Harrison and she helped. "Something To Be Said About Airstreams" - I love this song, she really has good lyrics in this recording. Just a real audiophile sound and a song that has a great groove.

"Rains Came" has the most electric guitar on it, yet nothing loud, just some quiet licks, This was mastered by Doug SaX and his assistant @ The Mastering Lab,

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