Friday, July 23, 2010

"Still Learning" - Lonesome River Band - A Review

The LRB really has put out a winner of a CD with "Still Learning", from the stellar sound quality to the great singing and wonderful selection of songs. This is Bluegrass at it's best, with fast songs, great playing, great high lonesome harmonies. This could be the best Bluegrass CD this year. From the first song "Record Time Machine" I knew I was in for a real treat. Could it be? This band has been together almost 30 years, yet they sound so fresh.

Members are Sammy Shelor, Brandon Rickman, Andy Ball, Mike Hartgrove and Mike Anglin. What are the key words of this album? Musical , emotive and fun. If this recording doesn't put a song in your heart and a smile on your face, Then nothin' will. They get in some vocal grooves that are just wild, so pretty. Their last album, "No Turning Back" which was very good was in the #1 spot for Bluegrass Unlimited for three months. The single from that album "Them Blues" was #1 for two months. This CD should have about four singles at least. So many good songs here. Sammy Shelar's banjo is plain delightful. In 1991, this band had Dan Tyminski and Ronnie Bowman, plus founder Tim Austin who left the band to work on his recording studio.

My four favorites out of a CD without filler is hard to do. My favorite is a slow ballad "As Wild As I Get" , love the delivery and melody ,just a fun little ballad. "Record Time Machine" - Just something about this song that gets to me. "Jack Up The Jail" is a fast bluegrass kicker with great lyrics and pickin'. "40 Days" is a mid tempo gospel tune that moves really well.

This is simple, just buy it, you will not find not anyting better, great modern sounding recording, awesome collection of songs. These bluegrass bands just really do not get the due they deserve. Always on the road, in the studio, They do have a faithful following though.

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