Wednesday, July 21, 2010

"The Age Of Miracles" -Mary Chapin Carpenter- A Review

I have always liked MC Carpenter. This is kind of odd, but I saw her perform after Mindy Smith had opened up for her. Mindy had played a set of music similar to to this. Then Carpenter proceeded to give a greatest hits party with her music, (nothing wrong with that), but that night, just was not into it. I had been blown away by a mandolin player with a cute, thin, folky singer pouring her heart out for 45 minutes exactly.

Now, the shoe is on the other foot , Mindy is singing a more pop styled music, while Carpenter is playing a scaled back catalog of the best new songs she has ever done, I mean, really great stuff, but it lacks not for something that you can stomp your foot too, or a clever guitar riff that makes you smile inside. She's been thru the crucible and come out like a pearl, her songs touch you, in lots of ways, I'm surprised and happy too, cause I needed something like this, but I was not looking here. Great CD.

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