Friday, September 24, 2010

"Things That Fly" - Infamous Stringdusters - A Review

Listening to this on a good DVD player is a real experience. Theses guys are talented musicians, and since their last 2 CDs ,which were more Bluegrass sounding. These guys have really taken off into a sound that is almost orchestral. When you have Gary Paczosa in tow, the man for acoustic recordings in Nashville or where ever he is and then having it mastered by Doug Sax, well, not going to get better sound quality than that. I have heard many of Paczosa's recordings since 2000, including "One Moment More" by Mindy Smith which also had Doug Sax mastering it. You just can't lose, He knows how to put singers and musicians in the place to succeed.

On this CD, It starts out sounding very modern almost like chamber music, with the quality of sound on the instruments is other worldy. On track #9, there is a beautiful little 45 second number, which leads into track 10, a first time real normal structured song, and from there on in, the music becomes more of a vehicle of expression, that Falco and Hall do well with. I would compare the music here to the Punch Brothers. Just some real great musicianship.

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