Monday, August 15, 2011

"Wrapped Up Good" - The McClymonts - A Review

This Three Lady Country group from Australia has put out a very good and hot country CD reminiscent of the Dixie Chicks back in the "Wide Open Spaces" era. They released the CD in Australia in last year with very good results. They released the first four songs on the CD as singles and each was a single #1 on the Aussie Country Charts. I really love their sound. They write most all of the songs and Nathan Chapman and Adam Anders produce different songs on the CD. This is their second CD.

They start out rockin with "Kick It Up", a country, dance number. Lots of nice hooks and they sing well together. It looks like they play some of their own instruments when performing. I found a YouTube for this song, and each gal was playing an instrument, bass, guitar and mandolin. "Wrapped Up Good" is another well done upbeat country song, with some great guitar work. These gals can really sing well together, the 3 part harmonies are something to behold.

"He Used To Love Me" is a masterpiece of a ballad , It has a great emotional melody. This CD is very well produced, by Adam Anders and Nathan Chapman. Both of these guys are great. "Boy Who Cried Love" is another upbeat country song. These gals are great songwriters too. Overall, these girls are a step above what you hear on country radio, not everything, but their music is every bit as good or better than what is on country radio. They have a debut at the Grand Ole Opry. This should give them well deserved exposure. Last fall, they opened for country "bad boy" Jason Aldean, that must have been a great show.

"Take It Back" is a mid tempo song sang by Samantha, Brooke sings most of The leads. Samantha has a different timbre to her voice, a bit more melodic, where Brooke tends to rock out more. "Rock The Boat" -Talk about rocking out, Brook rocks out on this song, which has a great guitar solo. You know, there is just not a bad song on this CD. This is real talent. I would be surprised if they don't get picked up by a major label, or at least get a major distribution deal.

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