Wednesday, August 17, 2011

"To Terrapin" - Grateful Dead- HDCD

On May 28,1977, the Grateful Deadtook the stage and put out possibly the best sounding and tightest show that the band has ever done.This was not a multi-track recording. 1977 and 1972 were my 2 favorite years of Dead Music. "To Terrapin" was released in '09 as was their June 77,box set from Winterland which covered 3 full shows, June 7,8 and 9. I also have 2 great Dick's Picks from 77, DP 10 "Winterland,Dec 29" and DP 15 "Live From Englishtown ,NJ, an outdoors festival with the MTB. (I was at that one).

"To Terrapin", was done way after last Dick's Pick, #36(I was at that one too, Philly, 72) the untimely death of Dick, led to other outlets from the vault ,like Road Trips and special shows ,like "To Terrapin". This concert was a bargain ,selling for around 15 bucks for 3 Discs in a Cardboard sleeve. The artwork, along with the music is beautiful. This is a Betty Cantor recording, like Dick would used for a Dick's Pick, but technology had picked up and also Rhino Records were in charge of Dead releases, so the sound quality was shining, it was mastered by Jeffrey Norman.

Garcia is playing his Travis Bean guitar on this show, which had a different timbre than the Wolfe,his custom guitar, built by Irwin Guitars. I really loved the tones he got out of this instrument which had an aluminum frame. There is a very well done "Estimated Prophet" on Disc 3, which is off of their newest CD , "Terrapin Station". A very good "Playing in The Band", with some unusual jamming for this version. Keith Godchaux plays great on this disc. On the first CD, there are very good versions of "Jack Straw" and "Row Jimmy", overall, a very good setlist. This summer, I have been taking a bit of a break from bluegrass, and there haven't been any stellar releases that I have heard, except Ricky Skaggs latest, recently. I have been delving into the vault of Grateful Dead music, something only a Deadhead would understand. See you next time.  -Coming soon, Europe 72 Box Set

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