Friday, June 03, 2011

Teddy Gentry's Best New Nashville - Review

Teddy Gentry, bass player for for iconic country rock group Alabama has put together a collection of 12 new artists to gain exposure for them. This is a project for the Cracker Barrel Collection, so it has a great chance of good exposure. I enjoy listening to new material like this. Teddy does a little of everything on this disc, He puts together a collection of Nashville's best studio musicians. He helps out with production.

There is an informative booklet that gives each artist a page of background and a picture. This New Nashville for the most part sounds different than what you hear on the country radio today. It has more of a rock sound for most tracks. Some of these artists have been around for awhile as songwriters, actors, performers,

Here is a page where you can check out their info

Some of my favorites are, Jimmy Stewart - "Every Mile I'm Missing You", Brad Long - "Long Last Smile", Amber Shelene - "Are You Ever Going To Love Me", Chip Davis - "In His Hands" and Dillion Dixon - "Chip Away".

It is good to have a veteran like Gentry be willing to give some promotion to up and coming artists like this. Check it out.

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