Wednesday, June 08, 2011

"I'm Going Back To Old Kentucky" - Audie Blaylock & Redline - Review

This is Audie Blaylock's latest CD. It is a celebration of the music of Bill Monroe. The CD is a delight to listen to. It has the sound of real traditional bluegrass and is a great recording, nothing pop sounding, this has a real authentic sound to it. Blaylock's vocals with backups make you think that you are down in the Mountains of Old Virginia with the High Lonesome sound. He has some distinguished guests in Lou Reid, Ronnie and Del McCoury, Bobby Osbourne, Glenn Duncan, Carl Jackson and Jason Carter.

Recorded at "The Digital Underground" ,it has a real warm sound to the great recording. The first single is "Mighty Dark to Travel", which is an upbeat bluegrass delight with great harmony. Some other great tracks are "Lord, Lead Me On", "Tall Timber", "My Little Georgia", and "I'm In Despair". Listening to this music is one of the most authentic bluegrass recordings that I have heard in awhile. Now, I'm a fan of all kinds of Bluegrass including the more modern groups like The Grascals and Mountain Heart. But for people who think real bluegrass is dead,they need to check this out. This is the real stuff. A great Release by Rural Rhythm Records. Some more good news, looks like last years great recording of "The All-Star Jam - Live at Graves Mountain" will be coming out on DVD this fall, I can't wait. That is a great recording. Word also has it that Carrie Hassler is back in the studio working on a new CD.

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