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Interview with Susan Gibson, singer-songwriter (wrote Wide Open Spaces for Dixie Chicks)

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Susan Gibson has a new CD out or will be out in a few days, it is called "Tightrope", I highly recommend it to anyone who likes acoustic music, This is the best sounding CD that I have heard this year, the sound quality is stunning, plus she has a set of ten very well written and performed songs. She is a great guitarist also and her vocals and lyrics have continued to grow since her hit with Chicks "Wide Open Spaces" .

1. Susan, "Tightrope" is a brilliant acoustic album that really has great sound quality, sparse , yet it is real warm and I love the guitar work. Tell me a little about the recording process and whether it is a digital or analog recording, it is so warm it sounds like it could be reel to reel.

(Susan's reponse)
It’s a digital recording using ProTools, and I would attribute the warmth of the album to the producer, Gabe Rhodes. But maybe it was the stained glass windows in the studio!

2. What kind of guitars were you and Gabe playing? The tone is so nice on the CD. Also, what kind of strings were you using?, I find that interesting, the tone is really unique. Do you have a collection of many guitars? Your guitar playing is excellent , and Gabe's bass and lead parts are also very good.

I play a Gibson Blues King Electro on the record and we mic-ed it. I use D’Addario medium gauge strings. Gabe does have a collection of instruments…he uses a 1919 Martin Parlor and a 1958 Gibson LG-1.

3. I am sorry to hear about your accident. i just read that the CD was finished before the accident. I am guessing that you are glad about that, it is such a fine set of songs. "The wood wouldn't burn" is a great song. Is that a true story?

Yes, the guitar in that story belongs to my friend Roger Marin, a singer-songwriter from Ontario, Canada. It was given to him by the wife of a fan who died in the house fire.

4. Really like the CD artwork, so effective and different, just black and white, Love how you open it up and the "Tightrope" turns into a guitar. Is that a town in the soundhole?

Yes, it’s a fictional town…It’s every town! The artwork was done by my friend Jess Rios from Dallas. http://www.jessrios.com/

5. This CD does not have a bad song on it, my favorites are "it's rainin' outside today, hooray!" , (Love Gabe's guitar licks), "Tightrope" , "oil and water", and all of the others. Do you have a favorite? You sort of remind me of a cross between Terri Hendrix and Carole King.

I love all the songs…but I love the chorus in Hope Diamond and I get chills every time I play The Wood Wouldn’t Burn.

6. OK, the obvious question, you wrote "Wide Open Spaces" for the Dixie Chicks which really took them off to super popularity, Both as the name of Album and as the song on the CD. How did this affect your career? When you wrote that song, did you have any idea how popular it was going to be, did you have a good feel about it? Did your friends like it? This was my favorite CD for like four years, I still like it alot.

When I wrote the song, I didn’t have any idea how popular it would be. I didn’t have any idea how the music business worked with people writing songs for other people. It’s my first original song I had written that was requested by someone I didn’t know at one of my gigs in Montana…and I remember that happening. It changed my career in the opportunities I have had since writing that song, whether it’s getting to go to a national award show or writing with other people that maybe wouldn’t have otherwise heard of me, or having an automatic handlebar for people to grab on to and remember about me. I have been Susan “The Girl Who Wrote Wide Open Spaces For the Dixie Chicks” Gibson for over a decade, and I love it!

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