Tuesday, February 01, 2011

"Blame it On The Bluegrass" - Valerie Smith and Liberty Pike - A Review

This bluegrass sixpack on Bell Buckle Records is a very good recording. It was the first recording ever at the International Bluegrass Music Museum in Owensburg, Kentucky. Valerie set up a studio in the "Cave", a room which houses the radio station at the museum. Sound quality is excellent , they brought in some very good digital recording equipment and set up in this room that did not look very sound recording friendly, but the producer did an excellent job and you can focus on six very fine bluegrass songs.

They actually recorded twelve songs , but plan to release the other six at the end of this year. Valerie has a fine ,feminine, bluegrass voice and really can sing in a natural way that compares with the best on the market today, plus she is a good guitar picker.

Blake Shelton started the six pack thing in country music very successfully releasing two sixpack CDs pretty close together.

Smith has six great songs here, "Blame It On The Bluegrass" is a very good upbeat number that is very original sounding. It would be a great song for a single.

Smith's voice is so natural and the recording is very warm sounding, not too cluttered , the arrangements are perfect for two or three part harmonies.

She goes from the upbeat to the very inspiring, "Lord, make this day Good", this is a very inspirational song.

Smith was a new name to me, but I love every thing about her, she has a great heart for good sounding bluegrass. Last year, she spent time in Kentucky schools, educating youngsters about bluegrass, that is an awesome thing to do.


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