Thursday, May 07, 2009

Oak Ridge Boys, "A Gospel Journey" DVD debuts at #2

The Oak Ridge Boys “A Gospel Journey” DVD debuts at #2 on Billboard Music Video Charts

Oak Ridge Boys “A Gospel Journey” TV Special
to air on GAC, RFD, and Gospel Music TV

Nashville, TN – In the times of declining music sales, one thing is for sure – Legends Last Forever!!! This past week, Gaither Music Group released The Oak Ridge Boys: A Gospel Journey on DVD and CD, which debuted on the Billboard Music Video chart at #2!!!

Hosted by Bill Gaither and filmed before an intimate audience of friends and fellow-artists at Gaither Studios, this DVD release features more than 90 minutes of live performances by the Oak Ridge Boys singing their best-loved gospel favorites, combined with vintage footage and photos of their 36-year journey together.

To catch the television special highlighting A Gospel Journey, check out the following air dates and times.


May 17th 3am & 11pm Cornerstone Satellite

May 19th 9:00p Liberty Channel

May 22nd 12:00a Liberty Channel

May 22nd 9:00p Vision TV CANADA

May 23rd 1:00a Golden Eagle Satellite

May 23rd 3:30p/5:00p Crossroads TV CANADA

May 23rd 5:00p Guardian Enterprise/WSFJ-TV 51

May 23rd 8:00p Daystar TV

May 23rd 8:00p/12:00a GAC

May 23rd 10:00p Miracle Channel

May 23rd 12:00a Vision TV

May 23rd 7:00p Family Net

May 23rd 9:00p Liberty Channel

May 23rd times vary Total Living Network

May 24th 10:00a GAC

May 24th 7:00a Daystar TV

May 24th 9:00p Gospel Music TV Network

May 24th 5:00p Guardian Enterprise/WSFJ-TV 51

May 24th 7:00p Family Net

May 25th 9:30a/4:30p/7:30p/11p Christian TV

May 25th 12:30p Trinity Broadcasting Network

May 26th 3:30a Christian TV

May 26th 9:30P Trinity Broadcasting Network

May 27th 2:00a Gospel Music TV Network

May 28th 7:00p RFD-TV

May 29th 3:00a/11:00a RFD-TV

May 30th 6:00p RFD-TV

Bill Gaither describes the motivation behind this new release, stating, "Over the years, the Oak Ridge Boys have taken gospel music into places I, and most other gospel artists, would have never been invited.

This celebration of their gospel journey was more than just a fun opportunity to hear their gospel favorites ... it was about honoring their deep commitment to their gospel roots. I applaud that; and through this DVD I believe countless listeners will enjoy seeing four hearts that truly beat for music with a message."

Oak Ridge Boy, Joe Bonsall, also comments, "This is the most exciting time I've ever experienced with the Oak Ridge Boys. I can remember sitting and watching Gaither Homecoming videos on television and being so blessed. Then on my 50th birthday, we were invited to sit in the audience for the Cathedrals Farewell Celebration and I couldn't believe it ... and when we were called to the stage to sing, I thought I'd died and gone to heaven! Now, more than 10 years after that video was released, we consider Bill and Gloria and many of our other heroes to be friends. Being in their studio, standing in the places where so many legends have stood, to create a video documenting our gospel journey was definitely a full-circle moment for the Oak Ridge Boys."

The Oak Ridge Boys: A Gospel Journey is distributed by EMI and is available in stores everywhere.


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